Welcome to WANHONG
Focus on Silk Printer Development
Screen printing refers to screen printing with pictures and
texts by using the screen as the plate base and photosensitive plate making method.
Mechanical Engineer
Wanhong has more than 10 mechanical engineering developers to manage product technology, production, development and perfect after-sales service.
Processing Factory
Has industrial production equipment and all kinds of machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines, grinders, planers, and other machines
Overseas Imported Parts
Wanhong Machinery Parts and Electrical Equipment are mostly from Japan and Taiwan, with the best equipment to create the most stable quality.
Advantages of Machinery
Why people choose WANHONG?
The company is mainly engaged in development and manufacturing, fine differentiation of assembly process, more than a dozen assembly process routes strict control, strict control of assembly accuracy.
More than 20 years of production experience, covering every industrial city, we produce machinery market cost-effective, won the praise of customers.
Help customers to provide product processing solutions, technical guidance, after-sales maintenance, etc., our customers in the country as many as 28 cities, product praise covers the whole country.
A professional mechanical equipment unit, with advanced mechanical equipment, fully equipped, with professional engineers.
Over the years of development, the company has accumulated rich experience in engineering research and development, design and production technology.
Details of Machinery
Details determine success or failure
Equipment details directly affect the availability of production equipment. Attention to details can improve the efficiency of production.
The automatic mechanical device widely used in Wanhong equipment accurately locates the printing position difference of 3 wires.
All kinds of anticipated tasks can be accomplished through computer settings, which have the advantages of intelligent and automatic production in both structure and performance.
The advantages of equipment operation, recommendation, high efficiency, stable quality and no waste of production can only be developed for printing machinery. Bring the highest cost performance.
Machinery can be customized and upgraded according to various factors such as user needs, the width of equipment feeding, overall hardware layout and working conditions.
Customer Praise
Service Case
Professional Equipment
Professional technician
Product of Machinery
Wanhong mechanical design emphasizes that its structure is not easy to change and has super pressure-resistant, high-precision testing equipment, which strictly controls the accuracy of components entering the assembly process.
Screen Printer
Professional level
Lable Printer
Professional level
Die Cutting & Hot Stamping
Professional level
Royal Customer
Preferential offer for ordering
Guarantee after-sales service
One year guarantee

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